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Hadith Type:
(Sahih) - Authentic
(Hasan) - Ok or Accepted
(Da-if) - Weak

note: Just because a a hadeeth is Da-if, doesn't mean that the event of the Hadith never occured, snd just because if a hadith is Sahih or Hasan doesn't mean that the event defitinetely occured.

For example:
Volume 6, Chapter 13, Hadith Number 3650:
Ibn Abaas narrated: "The Prophet (s.a.a.w.) died when he was sixty five years old (Hasan)
Volume 6, Chapter 13, Hadith Number 3653:
Jirir narrated that he heard Mu'awiya bin Abi Sufyan giving Khutbah, saying : "The Messenger of Allah (s.a.a.w) died whe he was sixty-three years old, and so did Abu Bakr and Umar, and i am sixty-three years old. (Sahih)

Both Hadith is accepted as shown above, that it either can be that the Prophet s.a.a.w. died when he was aged sixty-three or when he was aged sixty-five, but only one hadith can be true out of those two hadith.

Hadith 3713:
Famous hadith was shows that Imam Ali is the mawla (master) of every believer after the Prophet (SAAW).
The Prophet (SAAW) said, "For whomever I am his mawla (master), then Ali is his mawla (master)"
This virtue of Imam Ali is even higher then the famouse hadith that the Prophet (SAAW) appointing Imam Ali as his successor (mentioned by other hadith books such as Imam Ahmed in his Musnad and the historians, such as History of Tabari), as if the Prophet (SAAW) telling his community that my successor is Ali, people can still question Imam Ali's action by the ummah, but the Prophet (SAAW) clearly saying Ali is your master to his ummah, means the ummah of the Prophet's (SAAW) time must obey Imam Ali by all means in his actions (a sign that Imam Ali's action will never displease Allah)

Hadith Number 3786:
The famous hadith Thaqalayn, the Prophet (SAAW) in his farewell speech during his first and only Hajj (last few days when the Prophet (SAAW) was alive) left 2 things behind, Quran and his family (Ahlul Bayt). Many sunni brother's and scholars claim that the Prophet (SAAW) in his farewell speech claim that the Prophet (SAAW) left 2 things behind, the Quran and the Sunnah, however if this hadith was so reliable about the Quran and Sunnah, then it should definetely have been recorded in sunni's 6 most reliable hadith books, also known as Sahih Sittah (Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Thirmidhi, Sunan Ibn Majah, Sunan Nasai, Sunan Abu Dawood), but the hadith that the Prophet (SAAW) left behind Quran and Sunnah is not mentioned in any of the 6 most reliable hadith books of the sunni brothers, however hadith Thaqalayan (Prophet (SAAW) left 2 things behind, Quran and his family) has been mentioned in the Sahih Sittah, such as Sahih Muslim and Thirmidhi. Hadith Thaqalayn has been narrated in many more times in hadith books of both sunni and shia, however yet in alot of sunni mosque around the world, you will rarely hear Hadith Thaqalayn narrated on the mimber of the sunni mosque, especially the wahabi mosque, but you will hear many times from sunni and wahabi mosque, that the Prophet (SAAW) left behind the 2 things, the Quran and Sunnah, even though Hadith Thaqalayn version is way more reliable hadith within the sunni hadith books.

It is ironic that such as authentic narration of hadith Thaqalayn that came directly from the Prophet (SAAW)'s own mouth which all muslims claim that whatever word the Prophet (SAAW) said is the truth, yet this hadith is very much concealed in the sunni world, and of sunni and wahabi scholars that know hadith Thaqalayn really well when researching on hadiths, will conceal this hadith from our sunni brothers when they give lectures in the mosque.

Please don't get me wrong, the sunni and wahabi brother's are also our brothers in faith, but concealing very highly authentic hadiths from people is not a good practise of any muslims in general.

And we also want to make clear the the viewers, that when the word Ahlul Bayt is used, it is not referring to the wives of the Prophet (SAAW). Most narrations from hadith books in Sahih Sittah refer to Ahlul Bayt as being the Prophet (SAAW) himself, Imam Ali, Fatima Zehra, Imam Hassan and Imam Hussain.
Please refer to hadith in Sahih Muslim that the Ahlul Bayt (also known as the members or people of the household) that the Prophet (SAAW) wife's are not part of Ahlul Bayt:

Also please refer to hadith in Sahih Muslim that the Ahlul Bayt is the Prophet (SAAW) himself, Imam Ali, Fatima Zehra, Imam Hassan and Imam Hussain:

Also hadith from Thirmidhi 3787:

Thirmidhi 3871:

Thirmidhi 3724:

Thirmidhi 3205 and 3206:

Hadith Number 3712:

Hadith Number 3787:

Hadith Number 3787 (Continue)

Hadith Number 3788 and 3789:

Hadith Number 3770 and 3771:

Hadith Number 3772:

Hadith Number 3773:

Hadith Number 3775:

Hadith Number 3800 and 3801:
This hadith has confirmed for those Muslims, who praise Muawiya ibn Abu Sufyan, that not only Muawiya ibn Abu Sufyan, but his whole party were deviated from the right path and had transgressed, because they had fought Imam Ali during the battle of siffeen, killing many innocent Muslims, especially, the killing of Ammar ibn Yassir, who sided with Imam Ali during the batrle of siffeen.

The Prophet (SAAW) said to Ammar ibn Yassir, "Rejoice Ammar, the transgression party shall kill you",
and Ammar ibn Yassir was killed in the battle of siffeen by Muawiya and his trangressed party, or army.

For muslims, the Prophet (SAAW) word are more superior than any other in the ummah, it is more superior then the words of sunni scholars such as Ibn Taymiyyah or Ibn Kathir or Ahmad ibn Hanbal, or even shia scholars such as Kulayni, so if some sunni scholars praise Muawiya even though he killed many companions of the Prophet (SAAW), the Prophet (SAAW) himself told the ummah that who kills Ammar ibn Yassir, they are transgressed and deviated from Islam. Please also refer hadith 3870 below that whoever fights Imam Ali, such as Muawiya, is at war with the Prophet (SAAW) himself.

English version, History of Tabari, Volumne 17, page 64 and 65:
..."stick to the party of Ibn Summayah (Ammar ibn Yassir), for i heard to Prophet (SAAW) saying, "the party that swerves fromt the right path will kill him, and his last sustenance will be milk mixed with water.""

Hadith Number 3870 and 3871:

Hadith Number 3872:

Hadith Number 3872 (Continue)

Hadith Number 3717:

Hadith Number 3718:

Hadith Number 3719:

Hadith Number 3721:
Imam Ali is one of the most beloved creatures of Allah.

Hadith Number 3722 and 3723:
The Prophet (SAAW) said, "I am the house of wisdom, and Imam Ali is the gate."
this proves that the knowledge and wisdom of Imam Ali, was more virtuous then other companions of the Prophet (SAAW), proving the status of Imam Ali in comparison with the other companions, and therefore more deserving of being a successor of the Prophet (SAAW).

Hadith Number 3724:

Hadith Number 3724 (Continue)
the fimily of the Prophet (SAAW) also know as Ahlul Bayt is Ali, Fatima, Hassan and Hussain.

Hadith Number 3726:

Hadith Number 3727 and 3728:

Hadith Number 3731 and 3732 and 3733 and 3734:

Hadith Number 3735 and 3736 and 3737:

Hadith Number 3874, 3875 and 3876:

Hadith Number 3767, 3768 and 3769:

Hadith 3205 and 3206:


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More information about the meaning of these 'ahaadiyth (hadiyths)


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No doubt you rightly said Thirmidhi, Sunan Ibn Majah, Sunan Nasai, Sunan Abu Dawood), but the hadith that the Prophet (SAAW) left behind Quran and Sunnah is not mentioned in any of the 6 most reliable hadith books of the sunni brothers.
Hadith Books

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Imam ad-Daraqutni: The Messenger of Allah said to Ali "If you met them you shall kill them since they are the one of mushrikun , Ali said:" I asked the Messenger of Allah "Is there a sign on them? The Prophet said:" They are praising thee with something that does not exist in you and they slander the Sahaba "(Imam Ibn Hajar al-Haithami, as-Sawa'iqu al-Muhriqah, Shiah seem to praising Ali and curse Sahabat, Abu Bakar,Umar and Othman.So the musyrikun in this Hadith is you, a Shiah.

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The Prophet said - on you with the majority-In Muslim world Shiah is manority- So you must convert to Sunni,who is majority of the muslim.You can,t fool me.There is a bout 4 % of Syiit is true muslims.By viewing Shiah believe and practice most of Shiah not make sense as Muslims.Shiah is weird believe,came out from corrupt people.They are similar to Jews and Christian who distorted too many sacred books.

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