Muawiya ibn Abu Sufyan Khilafah

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Muawiya ibn Abu Sufyan's Caliphate

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Execution of Hujr ibn Adi.
Hujr ibn Adi was a Taba'een (Companions that did not see the Prophet (SAAW)) was good Companion of Imam Ali. Imam Ali's appointed him in his army as a Commander in some Battles (such as Battle of Sifeen, Jamal, etc.)
Hujr ibn Adi was killed by Muawiya ibn Abu Sufyan, because Hujr ibn Adi refused to Curse and Abuse Imam Ali, that Muawiya ibn Abu Sufyan and his governors use to do. Thus Hujr was a threat to Muawiya ibn Abu Sufyan, and so he executed Hujr ibn Adi. History has recorded Muawiya ibn Abu Sufyan committing many big fitnah and sins, and this is one them, the execution of Hujr ibn Adi.

Here's a Video of Hujr ibn Adi's burial place.
May God send Blessings on Hujr ibn Adi's soul, ameen.