The Killing of Malik Ashtar in Egypt

Muawiya ibn Abu Sufyan who is the enemy of Islam, killled Malik Ashtar, a great Companion and a Shia of Imam Ali. Imam Ali had two main commanders of his army, Ammar Yassir and Malik Ashtar. And when Muawiya ibn Abu Sufyan had killed Malik Ashtar, Muawiya ibn Abu Sufyan was very happy and gave a sermon saying:
"We have killed Imam Ali's two commanders, one on the Battle of Siffeen (meaning Ammar Yassir), and now, Malik Ashtar."

One can read more on Malik Ashtar in site Web Site:
English Version of History of Tabari, Volume 17, Page 144 - 146:

Malik Ashtar is today buried in Egypt: