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Hadith Type:
(Sahih) - Authentic
(Hasan) - Ok or Accepted
(Da-if) - Weak

note: Just because a a hadeeth is Da-if, doesn't mean that the event of the Hadith never occured, snd just because if a hadith is Sahih or Hasan doesn't mean that the event defitinetely occured.

Hadith Number 43:

Hadith Number 118 and 119:

Hadith Number 120:

Hadith Number 116:

Hadith Number 117:

Hadith Number 35, 36 and 37:

Hadith Number 148 and 149:

Hadith 121:

Hadith 4086:

Sunan ibn Majah, v5, p276, h4082:
It was narrated that Abdullah said : “While we were with the Messenger of Allah, some youngsters from Banu Hashim came along. When the Prophet saw them, him eyes filled with tears and his colour changed. I said :” We still see something in your face that we do not like (to see).” He (Prophet) said : “We are the members of a Household for whom Allah has chosen the Hereafter over this world. The people of my Household will face calamity, expulsion, and exile after I am gone....

Hadith 4087:

Hadith 114:

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