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People who opposed to give the pledge of allegiance to Abu Bakr

Hadith Number 4431 and 4432:

Hadith Number 3669:

Hadith Number 3669 (Continue)

Hadith Number 3772:

Hadith Number 3711:

Hadith Number 3713 and 3714:

Hadith Number 3746:

Hadith Number 3735:

Hadith Number 3751 and 3752 and 3753:

Hadith Number 438:

Hadith 7223:

Hadith 3093:

Hadith 2704:

Hadith 7137:


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Narrated Abu Mijlaz:

From Qais bin Ubad: 'Ali bin Abi Talib said, "I shall be the first man to kneel down before (Allah), the Beneficent to receive His judgment on the day of Resurrection (in my favor)." Qais bin Ubad also said, "The following Verse was revealed in their connection:--

"These two opponents believers and disbelievers) Dispute with each other About their Lord." (22.19) Qais said that they were those who fought on the day of Badr, namely, Hamza, 'Ali, 'Ubaida or Abu 'Ubaida bin Al-Harith, Shaiba bin Rabi'a, 'Utba and Al-Wahd bin Utba.

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