Word Games With Verse 33:33 with Ayat Thathir (Verse of Purification)

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In the name of God, the most beneficient, the most merciful,
All praise is due the God, Lord of the worlds, and may God send blessing to Muhammad s.a.a.w. and his family a.s.

Number one thing is we all love our sunni brothers, and we should all consider to be united, as it's the lack of unity, that our ummah is suffering today in Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan, Africa, Asia, etc.
We should all keep in mind, that purification and the remembrance of God, and doing good, should be in the mind of every muslim, as we will be questioned for our actions in the day of Judgement.

In reply to this website:
Word Games With Verse 33:33 with Ayat Thathir (Verse of Purification), first thing is that Quran doesn't have full explanation of everything, that's why people go to Hadith and History to find out more details about what the Quran is talking about.
For example, let's have a look at prayer (Salat), which is a fundamental practise for every muslim 5 times a day, yet the Quran doesn't mention anywhere of how to pray. So people would have to go to Hadith, History, etc. to see how to pray. So for the verse of purification also, we must go and look into the Hadiths and History books to see who the verse of purification is referring to. According to sahih (authentic) and hasan (accepted) hadith in sunni hadith books, the verse of purification (33:33) does not mention the wives of the Prophet s.a.a.w. at all, and it only refers to Ali a.s., Fatima a.s., Hassan a.s., and Hussain a.s., as shown below:

Sahih Muslim - Hadith Number 6261:

Thirmidhi - Hadith Number 3871:

So for the brother to claim for this webpage (, who claims that the verse of purification refers to the wife of the Prophet s.a.a.w. as well, i think he should look at his own hadith books before he makes future comments.

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