Karbala History from the Book, History of Tabari

Early historians besides History of Tabari, that have recorded the history of Karbala, are:
AH = after Hijra
- Dinawari (died in 282 AH / 895AD)
- History of Yaqoubi (d 292AH / 905AD)
- Baladhuri (d 279AH / 892AD)
- Khalifah ibn Khayyat (d 246AH / 860AD)
- History of Masudi
- al-Mufid who was a Shiite historian (d 413AH)
- Ibn al-Athir (who was a later historian)
- Abu al-Faraj al-Isfahani Talibiyyin (d 356AH)
- Aitham al-Kufi (d 314AH). It is believed that Aitham al-Kufi had added extra narrations, which he could of fabricated himself, making the battle of Karbala a miraculous battle.
- Maqtal Hussain by Khwarazmi.

Tabari himself relied on 3 main historian or narration for the History of Karbala, although he has used other historians as well.
1. Abu Mikhnaf
2. Hisham ibn Kalbi
3. Imam Mohammad Baqir (Grandson of Imam Hussain)

Abu Mikhnaf grandfather was part of the battle of Siffin, and was on Imam Ali’s side of the army.
Hisham ibn Kalbi was a very well known historian at his time.

I will start with a famous Hadith quoted by the Prophet (SAAW):
Thirmidhi, volume 6:
“Hussain is from me, and I am from him. O God, I love him, so love those who love him”.

Sahih Muslim Book 031, Number 5955:
'A'isha reported that Muhammad went out one morning wearing a striped cloak of the black camel's hair that there came Hasan b. 'Ali. He wrapped him under it, then came Husain and he wrapped him under it along with the other one (Hasan). Then came Fatima and he took her under it, then came 'Ali and he also took him under it and then said: Allah only desires to take away any uncleanliness from you, O people of the household, and purify you (thorough purifying) (Quran verse 33:33)

History of Karbala'd)+(680)&hl=en&ei=jJ7gTNG4LIWYvAO4wKnQDg&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0CC4Q6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=The%20Events%20of%20the%20Year%2060%20(cont'd)%20(680)&f=false

Volume 19 (XIX).
Yazid ibn Muawiya is now the Khilafah of the ummah and the pledge of allegiance (bayyah) was given to him.
Page 2:
Narrated by Hisham ibn Kalbi : Walid ibn Utbah ibn Abu Sufyan was the governor of Medina, and Yazid ibn Muawiya wrote to him, saying:
“In the name of God, from the commander of the faithful, Yazid ibn Muawiya. I am the leader of the ummah, seize Abdullah ibn Zubayr, Hussain ibn Ali, and Abdullah ibn Umar, and tell them to give me the pledge of allegiance (bayyah).”

Page 4-5:
Imam Hussain and Abdullah ibn Zubayr were sitting at the mosque, and
Abdullah ibn Amr ibn Uthman said to them, "both of you answer the summon
of the governor (meaning give the bayyah)".
Imam Hussain and Abdullah ibn Zubayr replied, "go now, we will come."
Imam Hussain went to Walid ibn Utbah ibn Abu Sufyan, who was the nephew
of Muawiya ibn Abu Sufyan. Walid gave the news to Imam Hussain and said,
"Muawiya ibn Abu Sufyan has died." And then Walid demanded the bayyah off
Imam Hussain to Yazid ibn Muawiya. Imam Hussain said the Bayyah should not
be done in secret. Walid said, "no problems, come back with your public people
and give the bayyah."
Marwan ibn Hakam interrupted the conversation and said, "If Imam Hussain leaves
you now, you will never have the same opportunity to get the bayyah without
bloodshed. Do not let Imam Hussain go until he gives the bayyah or cut
of Imam Hussain neck." Imam Hussain replied to Marwan, "you are a liar" and then left the building.
Marwan said to Walid, "you disobeyed me (meaning you should have forced Imam Hussain
for the bayyah)". Walid replied, "what you told me to do would have destruction for my religion.
By God I would not want to have all the wealth in the world for having killed Imam Hussain".

Note : Marwan ibn Hakam was the son of Hakam ibn Ass who was the cousin of the 3rd caliph,
Uthman ibn Affan. However, Hakam ibn Ass was a bitter opponent of the Prophet (SAAW).
The Prophet (SAAW) had exiled Hakam ibn Ass during his time, but Uthman ibn Affan brang him back from exile.
Marwan ibn Hakam offsprings also use to curse Imam Ali.
Marwan ibn Hakam eventually became the Khalifah few while later on after Yazid ibn Muawiya.
Volume XV (15), Page 24, read footnote.

Sahih Muslim : Book 031, Number 5924:

Page 6-7:
Walid’s men use to check up on Ibn Zubayr and Imam Hussain, and they harassed Ibn Zubayr
and Imam Hussain, but they harassed Imam Hussain less, as they were continuously demanding
the bayyah from them to give to Yzid ibn Muawiaya.
At night time, under covers, Imam Hussain and Ibn Zubayr left for Mecca, this
was 2 days before Rajab in the year 60 A.H. (After Hijra). Ibn Zubayr had left 1 night
before Imam Hussain.
Imam Hussain had left Medina for Mecca, and took his family (Ahlul Bayt) with him, except
for Muhammad ibn Hanafiyyah, who was the step brother of Imam Hussain, and was also the
son of Imam Ali.
Muhammad ibn Hanafiyyah advised Imam Hussain and his followers to stay away from Yazid
ibn Muawiaya, and to go to Mecca. Imam Hussain had love Muhammad ibn Hanafiyyah as his brother.

Page 8-9:
Narrated by Abu Mikhnaf - from a eye witness, Abu Sai'id al Maqburi :
who narrated that, I saw Imam Hussain enter the Mosque of Medina (probably referring to the mosque where Imam Hussain
grandfather, the Prophet (SAAW) was buried, Masjib Nabawi), and Imam Hussain said:
"May I not be called Yazid (ibn Muawiya), while death is watching me." I, Abu Sai'id al Maqburi knew
that Imam Hussain was up to something.

Walid had demanded the bayyah from Abdullah ibn Umar ibn Khattab as well, who was the son
of Umar ibn Khattab, in which Abdullah ibn Umar replied, "I will give the bayyah when everyone
has given the bayyah." Walid did not see Abdullah ibn Umar as much of a threat.

Page 10:
Yazid ibn Muawiya had dismissed Walid as the governor of Medina, and replaced his with Amr ibn Sai'd Al-Ashdaq
as the governor during the month of Ramadan.
Note : Walid's dismissal as governor of Medina, could be because that he had failed to keep Imam Hussain and Abdullah ibn Zubayr in Medina.'s+Account+from+Abu+Ja%60far&hl=en&ei=icfpTP-zJpCKuAOxkczCCA&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0CCoQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=Continuation%20of%20%60Ammar%20al-Duhni's%20Account%20from%20Abu%20Ja%60far&f=false

Continuation of `Ammar al-Duhni's Account from Abu Ja`far
Page 16:
Narrated by Ammar Duhni : I asked Abu Jafar (Imam Mohammaq al-Baqir), tell me about how Imam Hussain (Imam Mohammaq al-Baqir grandfather) got killed, so I can imagine that I was there at that time. Imam Mohammaq al-Baqir said, “Walid ibn Utbah asked Imam Hussain for the Bayyah, and Imam Hussain asked to delay some time. The Kufans (people of the city of Kufa in Iraq) however were asking Imam Hussain and writing letters to him saying, ‘come to us, we will support you and help you. We don’t pray Friday prayers behind Numan ibn Bashir (who was the Yazid ibn Muawiya’s governor in Kufa), and we are your supporters.’ Imam Hussain sent his cousin, Muslim ibn Aqil to Kufa and said, ‘Go see what the people of Kufa are saying, and if the news is good, I will come to Kufa.’ Muslim ibn Aqil went to Kufa and he stayed in the house of Ibn Awsajah (who was one of the Shiite leaders of Kufa). When the people of Kufa and the Shia’s of Kufa found out Muslim ibn Aqil has arrived, 12,000 Kufan men gave the bayyah to Muslim ibn Aqil (on behalf of Imam Hussain). One of the Kufa men who favored Yazid ibn Muawiya spoke to Numan ibn Bashir saying, ‘You are a weak man as you are the governor of Kufa, and the people are going against you and are getting corrupted. (meaning that are not giving the bayyah to Yazid ibn Muawiya, and they are instead giving the bayyah to Imam Hussain)’. Numan ibn Bashir replied, ‘I rather be a weak man and sincere to God, then to be a strong man and not sincere to God.’ The news reached Yazid ibn Muawiya of what Numan ibn Bashir said, and he asked his mawla (or advisor) called Sarjan, of what to do. Sarjan said, ‘If Muawiya ibn Abu Sufyan was alive, he would appoint Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad as the governor of Kufa.’ Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad was the governor of Basra (which is a city in Iraq) that time and Yazid ibn Muawiya was not happy with Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad at that time, however Yazid ibn Muawiya appointed Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad as the governor of Kufa to replace Numan ibn Bashir. When Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad arrived in Kufa, the people greeted Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad saying, ‘welcome Imam Hussain, the son of the Messenger of God (SAAW)’, Kufan had thought initially that Imam Hussain had arrived in Kufa, which was actually mistaken to be Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad. When Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad saw this, he was not happy, and he paid a spy to go and investigate who the Kufan people gave the bayyah to (meaning Muslim ibn Aqil), and claim that you are a supporter of Imam Hussain and that you are from Hims (which is a city in Syria).

Page 18-19
Continueing narration from Ammar Duhni and Imam Mohammad Baqir:
The spy was gathering information from the kufan's and Muslim ibn Aqil.
Muslim ibn Aqil changed houses and stayed at Hani ibn Urwa's house.
Muslim ibn Aqil wrote a letter to Imam Hussain saying, 12,000 kufan's have
given the bayyah, so come to Kufa.
Meanwhile, Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad got suspicious of Hani ibn Urwa as he was not visiting and
reporting to Ubaidullah as the other Kufan's were (Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad introduced a system
for people in the town to report to him frequently).
Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad ordered one of his men, Muhammad ibn Ash'ath to Hani ibn Urwa's
house. When Muhammad ibn Ash'ath reached Hani ibn Urwa's house, he told him to go to
Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad. When Hani ibn Urwa reached Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad, Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad
asked Hani, "Where is Muslim ibn Aqil". Hani replied, "I don't know." Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad
then told his spy to come out, and Hani got worried (as the spy knew where Muslim ibn
Aqil was). Hani claimed, "I did not invite Muslim ibn Aqil to my house, but he came to me."
Ubaidullah demanded Hani that Muslim ibn Aqil be brought to him. Hani refused and said,
"If Muslim ibn Aqil was next to me, I would not give him to you."
Ubaidullah got angry and struck Hani on the forehead and cut it open, and then declared
that God has made it permissable to take Hani's blood, and ordered Hani to be prisioned.

Page 20:
When Hani was prisioned, news reached out to the Madhhij (which was probably Hani's tribe).
There was and uproar from the Madhhij tribe at the palace gate of Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad.
Ubaidullah sent one of his men, Shurayh to talk with the Madhhij and to tell them that,
"Hani has been detained only for questioning." (When Shurayh was leaving the palace to talk
to the Madhhij), Hani said to Shurayh, "fear God Shurayh for he, Ubaidullah will kill me (so
tell the truth to Madhhij)". Shurayh went out to the Madhhij and said, "there is no concern,
Hani has only be detained for questioning". So the Madhhij tribe agreed with Shurayh word
and left the palace.

Page 21:
The news of Hani's imprisionment reached Muslim ibn Aqil, and cried out for battle.
Muslim ibn Aqil gathered 4,000 Kufans to form a army setting left wings and right wings.
Meanwhile, Ubaidullah had gathered the nobles of Kufa at the palace.
When Muslim ibn Aqil reached the palace with his 4,000 kufan army men, the nobles of Kufa
which were in Ubaidullah palace discussed with the army and made them go away. By late
afternoon Muslim ibn Aqil only had 500 men left, and by night time, those 500 men were gone as well.

Page 21 - 22:
now that Muslim ibn Aqil was left alone, he wandered in the street's of Kufa,
and he stoped at the door of a house. A women approached him from the house,
and Muslim ibn Aqil said to her, "I am Muslim ibn Aqil, will you shelter me."
The women took her in and sheltered him. The women's son however was the
mawla (helper) of Muhammad Ash'ath, who was one of Ubaidullah's men. The son
informed Muhammad Ash'ath of where Muslim ibn Aqil is, and Muhammad Ash'ath informed
Ubaidullah. Ubaidullah orded his police force to go and get Muslim ibn Aqil.
Ubaidullah policeman, sourounded the house where Muslim ibn Aqil was getting
sheltered, and so Muslim ibn Aqil came out to fight the police. One of the police
man said, "If you surrender, we will gaurentee you safe conduct", thus Muslim ibn Aqil
surrendered. When Muslim ibn Aqil was taken to Ubaidullah, Ubaidullah ordered that
Muslim ibn Aqil will go on top of the palace, and will be executed. When Muslim ibn Aqil
was executed from the top of the palace, they threw him down from the building.
Then Ubaidullah get Hani ibn Urwa and crucified him in the marketplace.

A poem was written:
If you don't know what death is, then look at Muslim ibn Aqil and Hani ibn Urwa
at the Marketplace. They should stood up to the (unjust) governors, and thus they
died as legends

Note : Now the situation has gotten worser for Imam Hussain.
Maybe Imam Hussain's only hope was the Kufan people and their
uprising against Yazid ibn Muawiya, but now Kufa is also in the
hands of Yazid ibn Muawiya and his governors, and Muslim ibn Aqil
and Hani ibn Urwa have also been killed. Imam Hussain is
all alone now with no safe city to live in peace, whether that be
Medina, Mecca, Hijaz, Damascus, Kufa, Basra, etc.,
and Imam Hussain is struggling to find a safe place to live and
trying his best to prevent his interaction with Yazid ibn Muawiya
and his governors.

Sahih Bukhari hadith narrates:

Narrated Ibn Abi Nu'm:

A person asked 'Abdullah bin 'Umar whether a Muslim could kill flies.
I heard him saying (in reply).
"They are asking about the killing of flies while they themselves murdered
the son of the daughter of Allah's Apostle.
The Prophet said, They (i.e. Hasan and Husain) are my two sweet basils in this world."

From Nahjul Balagha Imam Ali's advise to Imam Hassan and Imam Hussain were to
unite the ummah, and to prevent trouble, and to help one another. Imam Hussain tried his
best to prevent trouble from occurring by Yazid ibn Muawiya’s governors, unfortunately Yazid ibn Muawiya
and his governors were different in nature. Imam Ali also quoted a hadith from the Prophet (SAAW) about unity:

"To remove mutual enmity, ill-feeling and hatred is better than recommended prayers and fasting"

Nahjul Balagha:
Imam Ali's last sermon to his son's, Imam Hassan and Imam Hussain before he died:

I advise you to fear Allah, do not go after this vicious world though it may try to entice you, do not seek it though it may seek you and do not grieve over and pine for things which this world refuses you. Let the eternal Reward and Blessings of Allah be the prompting factors for all that you say and do. Be an enemy of tyrants and oppressors and be a friend and helper of those who are oppressed and tyrannized.

To you, to my other children, to my relatives and to all who acquire this will of mine, I advise to fear Allah and to be pious, to have fair and honest dealings with one another and improve mutual relations because I have heard your grandfather, the Holy Prophet (s) saying,

"To remove mutual enmity, ill-feeling and hatred is better than recommended prayers and fasting".

Fear Allah when the question of helpless orphans arises. You should never let them starve. So long as you are there to guard and protect them they should not be ruined or lost. The Holy Prophet (s) had always advised, cautioned and reminded us of this responsibility, so much so that we often thought that the Prophet of Allah (s) might on the next occasion assign them a share from our heritage.

Fear Allah in respect of the Holy Qur'an, lest others should excel and surpass you in following its tenets and in acting according to its orders. Fear Allah so far as prayers are concerned because prayers are pillars of your faith. Fear Allah in the matter of His Holy House (Kaa'ba). Let it not be deserted because if it is deserted, you (the Muslims) will be lost.
Do not forget Allah, struggle in His cause with your tongue, with your wealth and with your lives. Develop mutual liking, friendship and love and help one another. Take care that you do not spurn and treat one another badly and unsympathetically.
Exhort people to do good and abstain them from evil, otherwise the vicious and the wicked will be your overlord and if you willingly allow such persons to be your rulers then your prayers will not be heard by Allah.
O' sons of Abdul Muttalib! Let there be no retaliation for the act of my murder, do not roam about with a drawn sword and with the slogan:

"Amir al-Mu'minin is killed",

and do not start the massacre of my opponents and enemies.
See to it that only one man, that is my assassin, is killed, as the punishment of the crime of murder is death and nobody else is molested. The punishment to the man who attempted the murder shall take place only when I die of the wound delivered by him and this punishment shall be only one stroke of sword to end his life. He should not be tortured before his death, his hands and feet should not be amputated because I have heard the Holy Prophet (s) saying: "Do not amputate hands and feet of anybody, be it a biting dog".

Al-Husayn's Departure from Mecca for al-Kufah's+Departure+from+Mecca+for+al-Kufah&hl=en&ei=Njv3TPGjFY28vgPXyJSeDg&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0CCsQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=Al-Husayn's%20Departure%20from%20Mecca%20for%20al-Kufah&f=false

Page 65:
Narrated by Hisham ibn Kalbi:
When the Iraqi's wrote letter to Imam Hussain, Imam Hussain decided to go to Iraq.
Imam Hussain cousin advised Imam Hussain that, "he is going to a land (Iraq) where
there are Yazid's tax collectors and leaders, and they have control over the treasuries."

Page 66:
Narrated by Abu Mikhnaf:
Abdullah ibn Abbas said to Imam Hussain, "cousin, if Iraqi's have killed their
governors (meaning Yazid's governors such as Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad), and driven
out the enemies, then go to Iraq, else don't go to Iraq"

Page 67:
Imam Hussain said to Abdullah Ibn Zubayr, "I've thought clearly about going to Kufa,
My shia's (referring to the shia of Imam Ali) there are noble, and they have written to me,
I leave the choice to God."

Page 70:
Narrated Abu Mikhnaf : Imam Hussain was talking with Farazdak and said, "do you have any news of the people you left behind (meaning the people or Kufa)". Farazdak replied, "Their hearts are with you, but their swords are with the bani ummayah."

Page 72 – 74:
Narrated by Hisham ibn Kalbi:
a person saw Abdullah ibn Amr ibn Ass, and Abdullah ibn Amr ibn Ass said, "Imam Hussain
and his men will never be killed (because he is a good person)." I was following
Abdullah ibn Amr ibn Ass until i realised that previous Prophets have gotten killed as well.
I went to my tribe and shouted, "what happend to Hussain ibn Ali (Imam Hussain)". They replied,
"Imam Hussain had been killed." Then i cursed Abdullah ibn Amr ibn Ass.

Narrated by Ali ibn Hussain ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib (Imam Zainul Abideen) via Abu Mikhnaf:
Abdullah ibn Jafar ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib wrote letter to Imam Hussain saying, "don't go to Iraq,
you will be killed there." Imam Hussain replied, "I saw the Prophet (SAAW) in a dream, and has
commanded me to do what i'm doing (go to Iraq). Safe Conduct is only with God in this life and the
hereafter. The only people that don't have safe conduct in hereafter, are those who don't fear God."

Page 74:
Continuation of Ammar Duhni’s account

Ammar Duhni’s asked Imam Mohammad Baqir (great great grandson of the Prophet (SAAW)), tell me how Imam Hussain got killed. Imam Mohammad Baqir said, “Imam Hussain set out for Kufa from the letter Muslim ibn Aqil sent to him calling Imam Hussain to come to Kufa.” Hurr ibn Yazid (one of Yazid ibn Muawiya’s governors) intercepted Imam Hussain going to Kufa. Hurr ibn Yazid told Imam Hussain to go back to where he came from, but the son’s of Muslim ibn Aqil that were with Imam Hussain said, “we will not go back until we take our vengeance or are killed.” Imam Hussain saw Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad’s calvery, and turned aside his journey towards Karbala. Imam Hussain stopped at Karbala and put up his tents. Imam Hussain had 45 horseman and 100 foot soldiers.

In the meantime, Ubaidullah appointed Umar ibn Sad ibn Abi Waqas (son of the sahaba, Sad ibn Abi Waqas) as the governor of Rayy, he Ubaidullah had given authority to Umar ibn Sad to lead the battle in Karbala against Imam Hussain. Umar ibn Sad begged to excuse the position, But Ubaidullah refused to excuse him. So Umar ibn Sad said, “give me 1 night to think about it.” The next day, Umar ibn Sad accepted the position of being the leader of the army fighting against Imam Hussain in Karbala. Imam Hussain said to Umar ibn Sad, “choose of 3 possibilities, Let me go back from where i came from, or let me join Yazid, or let me join frontier post.” Umar ibn Sad accepted this, but Ubaidullah wrote to him saying, “there would be no kindness shown to Imam Hussain until he has submitted to me, Ubaidullah personally”. Imam Hussain replied, “No by God that will never happen.”

Then Umar ibn Sad fought against Imam Hussain, and Imam Hussain’s followers were killed.

Page 75:
10 young adults were also killed in Imam Hussain's family.
One of baby son's of Imam Hussain (Ali Asghar), arrow came and struck
the baby while the baby was in Imam Hussain lap, and Imam Hussain was
wiping the blood off the baby and said, "O God, judge between us and
the poople who asked us to come, so they might help, and then kill us."
Imam Hussain then fought until he was killed. A man from the tribe of
Madhhij killed Imam Hussian and cut of his head.

Page 76:
Imam Hussain's head was sent to Yazid ibn Muawiya, who was at that
time sitting with the Abu Barzah al-Aslami (who was a Companion of
the Prophet (SAAW)).
Yazid ivn Muawiya began to poke the mouth of Imam Hussain with a cane,
and said:

"sword split the skull of men who are dear to ys, but they were more
disobedient and oppressive."

Abu Barzah al-Aslami said to Yazid ibn Muawiya:

"take your cane away from Imam Hussain's mouth, for by God, how much
time have i seen the Prophet (SAAW) kiss the mouth of Imam Hussain."

This verse is similar to Sahih Bukhari:

Volume 5, Book 57, Number 91:
Narrated Muhammad:

Anas bin Malik said, "The head of Al-Husain was brought to 'Ubaidullah bin Ziyad and was put in a tray, and then Ibn Ziyad started playing with a stick at the nose and mouth of Al-Husain's head and saying something about his handsome features." Anas then said (to him), "Al-Husain resembled the Prophet more than the others did." Anas added, "His (i.e. Al-Husain's) hair was dyed with Wasma (i.e. a kind of plant used as a dye)."

After the battle of Karbala, Umar ibn Sad to the women and family
members (Ahlul bayt) of Imam Hussain to Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad.
The only male member of the Ahlul Bayt that was left in Karbala was
Ali ibn Hussain ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib (Imam Zain ul abideen).
When the Ahlul Bayt were take to Yazid ibn Muawiya in Syria, the
Syrians began to congratulate Yazid ibn Muawiya (for killing Imam Hussain).
One blue eyed Syrian looked at one of the young women member of the
Ahlul Bayt, and he wanted to buy her (as a slave). Zaynab (the sister of Imam Hussain)
however refused and said, "how dare you."
Yazid took the Ahlul Bayt into his family, and then evetually (a few months later) he
released the Ahlul Bayt to Medina.

One member of the Bani Abd Mutallib or Bani Hashim from Medina said and
recited when she saw the members of Ahlul Bayt coming from Syria:

"What would you say if the Prophet (SAAW) asked you:
what have you, the last religious community (ummah) done with
my offsprings and family after my departure (after i haved died).
among (my offsprings) are prisioners and those who have been stained with blood.
What reward is this that i have given you (ummah) good advise, that
you should repay me with evil to my blood relations (Ahlul Bayt)"

A hadith has been collected in Sunan Ibn Majah about the suffering of Bani Hashim and Ahlul Bayt:
Sunan ibn Majah, v5, p276, hadith 4082:

It was narrated that Abdullah said : “While we were with the Messenger of Allah, some youngsters from
Banu Hashim came along. When the Prophet saw them, him eyes filled with tears and his colour changed.
I said :” We still see something in your face that we do not like (to see).”
He (Prophet (SAAW)) said : “We are the members of a Household for whom Allah has chosen the Hereafter
over this world. The people of my Household (Ahlul Bayt) will face calamity, expulsion, and exile after I am gone....

Page 81:

narrated by Hussain ibn Abd Rahman :
Head of Imam Hussain was taken to Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad, and
Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad poked Imam Hussain's head with a cane and
said, "Imam Hussain's hair had grown grey."

narrated by a Mawla (helper or servant) of Muawiya ibn Abu Sufyan
via Hussain ibn Abd Rahman:
When the head of Imam Hussain was brought to Yazid ibn Muawiya,
Yazid ibn Muawiya started crying and said, "if there was any
kinship of Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad and Imam Hussain, he (Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad)
would not have done this."

Narrated by Hussain ibn Abd Rahman:
for 2-3 months walls were seared with blood from sunrise to sunset.

Narrated by Hussain ibn Abd Rahman:
A man's father, whenever he use to pass by Karbala, he was informed
that the son of the Prophet will be killed here. When Imam Hussain was
killed in Karbala, he realised that son was Imam Hussain.

Narrated by Harith ibn Muhammad:
Imam Hussain said, "they will not leave me until they take this heard from me,
and then God will humiliate them (after killing me)."
Imam Hussain was killed in Ninawa (a place near Karbala) in the day of ashoura.

Narrated by Harith ibn Muhammad - Ibn Sad (al-Baghdadi) - Umar ibn Waqidi:
Imam Hussain was killed in the month of Safar at the age of 55 years old.

Narrated by Harith ibn Muhammad - Ibn Sad (al-Baghdadi) - Umar ibn Waqidi:
Imam Hussain was killed in the 10th of Muharram (day of ashoura).

Umar ibn Waqidi most cofirmed report is that Imam Hussain died in the day of ashoura.

Page 83:
First head to be raised on the wood was the head of Imam Hussain.

Narrated by eye witness via Abu Mikhnaf:
Imam Hussain left Mecca (for Kufa) and Muhammad
ibn Hanafiyyah (step brother of Imam Hussain and one of
Imam Ali's son) was in Medina. When the news of Imam Hussain death
reached Muhammad ibn Hanafiyyah, he was performed wadu (for prayers) at that time,
and then he cried.

Page 84:
Muslim ibn Aqil wrote a letter (for Imam Hussain to come to Kufa), 17
days before he (Muslim ibn Aqil) was killed.

narrated by Abu Mikhnaf:
a person said to Zuhayr ibn Qayn that the son of the Prophet (SAAW),
is calling you are you are not responding. Zuhayr ibn Qayn went to
Imam Hussain and then he packed up his tent and joined Imam Hussain's
army. Zuhayr ibn Qayn divorced his wife saying, "you are free to go
as i don't want to see you suffer because of me."
Zuhayr ibn Qayn was in the front row of Imam Hussain's army until he
was killed.

Page 88:
Narrated by Abu Mikhnaf:
Imam Hussain sent his messenger to the people of get support,
and the messenger addressed the people and said,
"you people can help Imam Hussain against Ibn Marjana (Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad)"

Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad eventually killed the messsenger of Imam Hussain.

Page 89:
Narrated by Abu Mikhnaf:
New came to Imam Hussain in the place called, Zubalah, and he read
the letter to his followers that were there,
"In the name of God, the beneficent the merciful, dreadful news
has come and Muslim ibn Aqil and Hani ibn Urwa have been murdered.
Our Shia's have deserted us. The of my followers here who want to leave
may leave without guilt."
Many of Imam Hussain followers disperse and left Imam Hussain except for
followers of the Medina people.
The reason why Imam Hussain did this was to inform his followers of the
current situation, and that the situation has gotten worse, so his followers
would know what they are in for.

Page 94:
Narrated by Ahmed ibn Thabit:
When Hurr ibn Yazid (Yazid ibn Muawiya's governors) and his men
had encoutered with Imam Hussain and his followers, Imam Hussain
said to Hurr ibn Yazid's followers after praying the Salat Asr:
"We are the family of the Prophet (SAAW), and we deserve more right
of authority (wilayah or khilafah) then the current government (Yazid
Ibn Muawiya), who have brought tyranny and aggression among the people.
You have written letters to me (for you to help me)."
Hurr ibn Yazid said, "we (and our men) have not written letters."
Imam Hussain showed all the letters to Hurr ibn Yazid and his men.

Page 95 - 96:
Imam Hussain preached to Hurr ibn Yazid and said,
"the Prophet (SAAW) has taught us we a leader is tyrant
or corrupt, we must act against them by word or action.
I am Hussain, the son of Fatima Zehra, daughter of the
Holy Prophet (SAAW). If you don't help me now, you have surely
not helped my father (Imam Ali), brother (Imam Hassan) and
cousin (Muslim ibn Aqil)".

Page 98:
Imam Hussain said to Mujammi ibn Abdullah,
"tell me about the people that you have left behind (meaning the people of Kufa)."
Mujammi ibn Abdullah replied,
"the nobles have been bribed by Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad, and the good people
(of Kufa) are either killed or arrested. These people are now against you."

Zuhayr ibn Qayn said to the people of Kufa (as some of the people of Kufa had joined Yazid ibn Muawiya’s army), o people of Kufa, are we not brothers, come and join us. We are brothers until you strike the sword against us.

Page 192:
Narrated by Eye Witness via Abu Mikhnaf:
Ubaidullah wrote Hurr a letter to seize Imam Hussain and keep him on halt...
...Imam Hussain’s followers said to Imam Hussain, “lets fight Hurr.” Imam Hussain replied, “I will not begin the fight.” They said, “if we fight Hurr now, it’s easier, but when Ubaidullah calles in reinforcements, it will be harder for us to fight.”
On Thursday, 2nd of Muharram in the year 61 AH (After Hijra), Umar ibn Sad came with 4,000 Kufans against Imam Hussain.

Page 104:
Narrated by Hisham ibn Kalbi:
Initially Umar ibn Sad said to Abdullah ibn Yasar, “The governor (Ubaidullah) has ordered me to go against Imam Hussain, but i refused.” Later on, Umar ibn Sad accepted to lead the army against Imam Hussain as he was promised to be a governor of a certain place...
Umar ibn Sad summoned Qurrah ibn Qays and said to him, “go and meet Imam Hussain and ask him what he wants.” When Imam Hussain saw Qurrah approaching, he asked Habib ibn Muzahir (who was one of the shia of kufa and had joined Imam Hussain’s army), “Do you know that man?” Habib ibn Muzahir replied, “Yes, he is the son of our sister.” Habib ibn Muzahir said to Qurrah, “shame on you Qurrah ibn Qays, how could you join the unjust men (Yazid’s army). Come join us and support this man (Imam Hussain). His father (and grandfather (SAAW)) granted you and me favour.” Qurrah said “I will reflect on what i am doing.”

Page 106:
Narrated by Hisham ibn Kalbi:
Ubaidullah wrote to Umar ibn Sad, “In the name of God, the beneficent, the Merciful. Offer Imam Hussain and his followers the opportunity to give the bayyah (pledge of allegiance) to Yazid ibn Muawiya.”
Narrated by Abu Mikhnaf:
There came another letter from Ubaidullah to Umar ibn Sad, “Prevent Imam Hussain and his followers from getting water. Do not let them taste a drop of it just as was done with the pious, chaste and wronged Caliph, Uthman ibn Affan.” Umar ibn Sad send 500 horseman to take position of the river and to prevent Imam Hussain and his followers from getting a drop of water. That was 3 days before the battle of Karbala.
Note: it is ironic that Imam Hussain had nothing to do with those who attacked Uthman ibn Affan, infact he tried to protect Uthman ibn Affan, but the Bani Ummayah (Yazid ibn Muawiya and Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad) used this as an excuse to prevent water to the Imam Hussain as his followers. They Bani Ummayah did this as well to Imam Ali before the Battle of Siffeen, where Muawiya ibn Abu Sufyan wanted to prevent Imam Ali’s army form drinking water to make Imam Ali’s army weaker. Please see attachment.
When the thirst of Imam Hussain became severe, he summoned his brother, Abbas ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib, and sent him together with 30 horsement and 20 foot soldiers...

Page 108:
Narrated by Hani ibn Thubayt, who was an eye witness, via Abu Mikhnaf:
Imam Hussain send Amr ibn Qarazah to Umar ibn Sad that he wanted to meet him at night between the camps. When they me, Imam Hussain told his followers to go aside and so did Umar ibn Said. The people assumed the Imam Hussain had said to Umar ibn Sad, “come with me to Yazid ibn Muawiya.”

Page 109:
Narrated by Abu Mikhnaf – Abd al-Rahman ibn Jundab – Uqbah ibn Siman:
I accompanied Imam Hussain all the time till he was killed, from Medina to Mecca to Iraq. By God, Imam Hussain never gave the promise to put his hand (bayyah) on Yazid ibn Muawiya.
Narrated by Abu Mikhnaf:
Umar ibn Sad wrote back to Ubaidullah, “God has distinguished hatred and brought about unity, Imam Hussain has given me the promise that he will return to his former place, or he will go to Yazid ibn Muaiwya and offer him his hand (bayyah). This should satisfy you.” Ubaidullah agreed to this letter, but Shimar ibn Jawshan jumped up and said, “are you going to accept this letter while Imam Hussain has camped nearby on your land? By God if Imam Hussain leaves this place, he will eventually be in a position of power and strength and you would be in a position of weakness.” Ubaidullah agreed to Shimar ibn Jawshan’s views.
Ubaidullah wrote to Umar ibn Sad, “If Imam Hussain gives me the bayyah directly we will not fight him, else we will intend to fight him. If Imam Hussain is killed, make the horses trample on his chest and back, for he is a disobedient rebel, and an evil man who splits to community.”...

Page 111:
Shimar joined Umar ibn Sad and gave him Ubaidullah’s letter, and Umar ibn Sad said to Shimar, “shame on you! What is this to you? (meaning that Umar ibn Sad wrote a letter not to fight Imam Hussain, yet a reply letter has come back to fight Imam Hussain). I think you Shimar must have personally stoped Ubaidullah from accepting my letter.”

Page 112:
Umar ibn Sad prepared to do battle against Imam Hussain on the evening of Thursday, 9th of Muharram (October 9th).
Shimar approached some of Imam Hussain’s followers and said, “son’s of my sisters, you are given guarantee of safe conduct.” Those followers replied to Shimar, “God curse you and curse the guarantee of safe conduct! If you are our uncle, how can you offer us safe guarantee, and not off the son of the Prophet (SAAW) safe guarantee?
After the Asr prayer, Imam Hussain was sitting in front of his tent with his sword. His sister, Zaynab said to him, “my brother, don’t you hear the sounds are getting near (meaning the battle of Karbala is approaching more near)?” Imam Hussain said, “I have just seen the Prophet (SAAW) in my sleep, and the Prophet (SAAW) has said, you are coming to us.”
Imam Hussain sent Abbas ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib with Zuhayr ibn Qayn and Habib ibn Muzahir and 20 horseman to Umar ibn Sad, saying, “what has changed your view (that you are preparing to fight us and before when you sent your letter to Ubaillah ibn Ziyad, you were not prepared to fight)”. Umar ibn Sad said, “Ubaidullah has offered that you do the bayyah directly to him or be prepared to fight.”...

Page 113:
Azrah ibn Qays said to Zuhayr ibn Qayn, “according to us you were not from the shia of Imam Ali. You use to support the party of Uthman ibn Affan.” Zuhayr ibn Qayn replied, “Aren’t you presuming from my position that I am one of them (meaning I am a Shiite). By God, I did not even write or send messengers to Uthman ibn Affan. I protected Uthman ibn Affan because of his position to the Apostle of God, and I protected Uthman ibn Affan with my life, because of the truth of God and his Prophet (SAAW) which you Azrah have abandoned.”

Page 115:
Narrated by Ali ibn Hussain (Imam Zain ul abideen):
I heard my father (Imam Hussain) say to his followers, “I glorify God the blessed and exalted. O God, I praise you for blessing us with Prophethood, teaching us the Quran and making us understand the religion. I know of no followers (Sahaba’s) more fitting then my followers (sahaba’s of Imam Hussain), nor i know any family more pious and caring about family relation then my family. Indeed our final day is tomorrow. I give you permission to go away and not paritipate in this batter, as the enemies are only after me and no one else. Go at night time, and the enemy will not see you.”
Imam Hussain’s brothers and sons, and the sons of his brothers and the 2 sons of Abdullah ibn Jafar ibn Abi Talib said, “why should we do that Imam Hussain? In order to remain alive after you (and abandon you)? We will die with you Imam Hussain.” Abbas ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib was the first to make this declaration. Imam Hussain said to the sons of Muslim ibn Aqil that were with him, “sons of Aqil, the trategy and murder of your father is enough for you to bear, so go away from as i have permitted you.” The sons of Muslim ibn Aqil replied, “we will fight with you Imam Hussain until we reach our destination (death).”
Narrated by Abu Mikhnaf:
Muslim ibn Awsajah (also one of the shia of Kufa who joined Imam Hussain in the battle of Karbala) said to Imam Hussain, “Could I leave you alone Imam Hussain? How could be excuse ourselves before God concerning our duty towards you, I will fight and protect you Imam Hussain till death.” Said ibn Abdallah Hanafi said, “by god, we will never leave you Imam Hussain, and if i had to die 70 times for you Imam Hussain, i would. So death once for you Imam Hussain is a blessing that can never be rejected.” Zuhayr ibn Qayn said, “I prefer to be killed 1000 times protecting Imam Hussain and his family.”

Page 117 – 118:
Narrated by Abu Mikhnaf:
When Imam Zain ul abideen was with Huwayy, the mawla (or servant) of Abu Dharr Ghifari (Abu Dharr Ghifari was the Sahaba of the Prophet (SAAW)), his father (Imam Hussain) said:
“Time, shame on you as a friend! At the day of dawing, how many companions (of mine) will be corpse.”
Imam Hussain said this 3 times and so that I (Imam Zain ul Abideen) understood it and realised what he meant. Tears choked me, but I pushed them back. But when my aunt, Zaynab (the sister of Imam Hussain) heard this, she jumped, tearing at her clothes. Unveiled she went to Imam Hussain and said, “I will not lose a brother. Would the death had deprived me of life today! My mother Fatima Zehra is dead, my father Imam Ali is dead, my brother Imam Hassan is dead. O you Imam Hussain the successor of those who have passed away and those who remain. By my father and mother, O Abu Abdullah (Imam Hussain), you have exposed yourself to death. May God accept my life for yours.” Imam Hussain replied full of tears, “If the sand grouse are left at night, they will sleep.” Zaynab lamented, “O my grief! Your life will be violently wrenched from you, and that is more wounding to my heart and harsher to my soul.” Zaynab struck at her face and betn down to her dress and tore it. Then she fell down in a faint. A meanwhile later, Imam Hussain said to Zaynab, “fear God and take comfort and consolation of God. Know the all the people of earth will die one day.”

Page 119:
Narrated by Abu Mikhnaf:
When evening came (one day before the battle), Imam Hussain and his followers spent the while night praying.

Page 120:
After Umar ibn Sad performed morning prayers on Saturday, it is
also reported on Friday, the day of Ashoura, he came out with his
people (to fight Imam Hussain and his followers).
Imam Hussain as well after praying, mobilised his forces, and put
Zuhayr ibn Qayn incharge of right wing, and Habib ibn Muzahir incharge
of left wing, and gave the standard flag to Abbas ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib.
He ordered firwood to be placed behind his tents, so the opponents
could not attack from the back.

Page 122:
Narrayed by Abu Mikhnaf:
Shimar ibn Jawshan approached the army of Imam Hussain, and Muslim
ibn Awsajah said to Imam Hussain, "should i shoot an arrow at Shimar."
Imam Hussain replied, "no, as i am unwilling or i don't want
to start the battle."

Page 123:
Narrated by Abu Mikhnaf:
Hussain addressed and said to his opponents just before the battle
"trace back my lineage and consider who I am, then look back at yourself
and see if it is right to kill me, am i not the son of Fatima Zehra, the
daughter of the Prophet (SAAW). Am i not the son of the executor of his will(successor)
of the Prophet (SAAW) (refering to Imam Ali). was my father not the first to
believe in the Prophet (SAAW)? was not Hamza, the lord of the martyrs, my uncle?
was not Jafar who flies with 2 wings in heaven, my uncle? have you not
heard the words of the Prophet (SAAW) that, I and my brother (referring to Imam Hassan
and Hussain) are the leaders of the youths of paradise? I am telling the
truth and i don't lie. However, if you believe i lie, then you can ask
Jabir ibn Abdullah Ansari, Abu Said al-Khudri, Sahl ibn Sad, Zaid ibn Arqam and
Anas ibn Malik (these were all Companions of the Prophet (SAAW)), that they
heard these words from the Prophet (SAAW) himself. Still if you have doubt, then
do you the slightest doubt that I am the son of the daughter of your Prophet (SAAW)?
Tell me o people, are you seeking revenge to kill me, for one of your dead who
I have killed." All the opponents remained silent (because they knew Imam Hussain
had done nothing wrong, neither did Imam Hussain kill any of the opponents men.)

Page 126:
Zuhayr ibn Qayn addressed the opponents of the people of Kufa:
"o people of Kufa, are we not brothers? we are brothers therefore
you can still receive advise from us (until you strike the sword).
You will never obtain anything from supporting Yazid ibn Muawiya,
and Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad, except evil through their rule. They will
poke out your eyes with hot iron, cut off your hands and legs, mutilate
you and hang you on the trunk of the palm trees. They have already
killed Ideal men of your city (Kufa), such as Hujr ibn Adi and Hani
ibn Urwa. the offsprings of Fatima Zehra are more entitled to love then
the Ibn Summayah (meaning Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad)." Shimar interfered and
and shot an arrow to Zuhayr saying, "shut up, may God silence you to deahth."
Zuhayr retorted by saying to Shimar, "o son of the one who urinates both ends,
I am not addressing you (as i am addressing the kufan opponents only). You
are merely an animal Shimar, you don't even understand 2 verses of the Quran."

Note: Please read here of the execution of Hujr ibn Adi:'s+execution&hl=en&ei=UZcJTbC2KYWGuQPD_dngBQ&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0CCoQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=Hujr%20b%20Adi's%20execution&f=false

Page 127:
Narrated by Abu Mikhnaf:
(After Imam Hussain gave his speech to the opponents), Umar ibn Sa’d army started approaching Imam Hussain army (to fight him). However, Hurr ibn Yazid said to Umar ibn Sad, “May God be prosperous with you, are you going to fight Imam Hussain? Umar ibn Sad replied, “By, by God it will be a battle which will be heads falling and severe hands flying (meaning heads and hands will be cut off)”. Hurr replied to to Umar ibn Sad, “are you not satisfied with the 3 proposals you gave Imam Hussain (for Imam Hussain to go back to where he came from, or for Imam Hussain to go to Yazid ibn Muawiya, or for Imam Hussain the leave the land)”. Umar ibn Sad replied, “If it was my decision, I would accept, but you governor has refused”. Hurr said, “by God i am giving my soul a choice today between heaven and hell. By God I will not choose anything but heaven, even though I am cut to pieces and burnt.” Hurr stood apart from his people (Umar ibn Sad’s army), and whipped his horse and joined Imam Hussain’s army. Hurr said to Imam Hussain, “may God accept my soul for you, son of the Prophet (SAAW). I was the companion or person who stopped you from returning (back to Medina). I accompanied you along the road and made you stop at this place (Karbala). I did not know that the people wanted to fight you, I thought they will accept 1 of the 3 proposals. I have come repenting to my Lord for what I have done (meaning bringing Imam Hussain to Karbala and being responsible for Imam Hussain and his followers death), and may I offer you my life so that I may die before you (in this battle).” Imam Hussain replied, “Yes, God will accept your repentence and forgive you, what is your name?” Hurr replied to Imam Hussain, “I am Hurr ibn Yazid.” Imam Hussain replied, “you are a free man Hurr as your mother named you.”
Hurr then yelled out to Umar ibn Sad’s army, “people, are you not going to accept the 3 proposals that was given to Imam Hussin.” Umar ibn Sad replied, “If i could find a way to do that, I would (but there is no other option but to fight Imam Hussain).” Hurr yelled out to Umar ibn Sad’s army, “people of Kufa, may your mothers be deprived of their sons and may tears come to their eyes. You summoned Imam Hussain (to come to Kufa), and then when Imam Hussain had come to you, you handed him over (to Yazid ibn Muawiya’s governors). You claim that you would fight with your own lives for Imam Hussain, and then you begun to attack Imam Hussain in order to kill him. You people of Kufa have laid hold his life, you have seized his throat, you have encircled or cornered Imam Hussain preventing him from returning back to where he came from (Mecca or Medina). Imam Hussain has come you like a prisioner, and you have prevented Imam Hussain and his family (ahlul bayt) from drink water from the flowing Euphrates, which even the Christian and Jews may drink from, and even the pigs and the dogs may wallow and drink from. Now to Ahlul Bayt are likely to die of thirst. How wickedly you have treated the offsprings (Ahlul Bayt) of Prophet Muhammad (SAAW)”. Some of Umar ibn Sad’s army attacked Hurr with by shooting arrows at him.

Page 131:
Amr ibn al-Hajjaj was in charge of Umar ibn Sad’s right wing, and he launched attacks against Imam Hussain’s right wing army. The followers of Imam Hussian began to shoot arrows at Umar ibn Sad’s army, killing some of the opponents and wounding others.
Narrated by Abu Mikhnaf:
Abdullah ibn Hawza said to Imam Hussain, “do you expect hell fire.” Imam Hussain replied, “No i am advancing to the merciful Lord (heaven).” Imam Hussain prayed, “O my Lord, drive Adbdullah ibn Hawza into the fire.” Abdullah ibn Hawza fell off his horse, however his leg was struck to his horse’s straps, and his horse bolted dragging him along, making his head strike every stone and tree trunk until he died.
Narrated by Abu Mikhnaf:
Musraq ibn Wa’il said “I was the first of Umar ibn Sad’s army to attack Imam Hussain.” Abd al-Jabbar said to Musraq, “I have seen the Prophet’s family (Ahlul Bayt) attacked and wounded too much for me to ever fight them.”

Page 135:
Narrated by Abu Mikhnaf:
Amr ibn Qaurayza ibn Kab was with Imam Hussain and was killed. However, Amr ibn Qaurayza ibn Kab brother had joined the army of Umar ibn Sad. His brother had said to Imam Hussain, “You lying, and son of a liar (referring to Imam Ali), you have led my brother astray and he has joined your army and is now killed.” Imam Hussain retorted saying, “Go has not let your brother astray, rather he has let you astray.”

Page 137:
Narrated by Abu Mikhnaf:
Amr ibn al-Hajjaj (right wing of Umar ibn Sad’s army) said to his army, “people of Kufa, stay steadfast in obedience and unity (towards me). Do not have doubts about flighting those who have gone deviated from the religion (Amr meant that Imam Hussain has deviated from Islam), and who have opposed the Imam (meaning Yazid ibn Muawiya).” Imam Hussain retorted saying to Amr, “are you urging the people to fight me? Are we the ones who have deviated from the religion of Islam, and you are the one who is firm in the religion of Islam. By God, (in the hereafter), you will know who has deviated from the religion and who is more worthy of the hell fire.” Amr ibn al-Hajjaj and his right wing attacked Imam Hussain’s army from the direction of the Euphrates. Amr’s men struck down Muslim ibn Awsajah (who was on Imam Hussain’s army), and he stretched out to Imam Hussain dying. Imam Hussain walked towards Muslim ibn Awsajah while he was on the point of death. Imam Hussain said to Muslim ibn Awsajah, “may your Lord have mercy on you.” Habib ibn Muzahir approached Muslim ibn Awsajah and said, “Muslim ibn Awsajah your death is hard for me to bear, but rejoin in heaven is your abode.” Muslim ibn Awsajah replied with a weak voice to Habib ibn Muzahir, “may God bring you the same luck.” Habib said Muslim ibn Awsajah, “I know I am following you this very moment.” No sooner had Amr ibn al-Hajjaj army rejoiced saying, “we have killed Muslim ibn Awsajah.” Shabath ibn Rib’i (who I believe was one of the people of Kufa who was part of Umar ibn Sad’s army) said to his followers (where rejoicing at Muslim ibn Awsajah death), “may your mothers be bereft of you. You have only killed yourselves with your own hands (by killing Muslim ibn Awsajah). Could you rejoind in the killing of Muslim ibn Awsajah, indeed it was due to Muslim ibn Awsajah that i embraced Islam. Could you be happy while a man among you like him is killed?”
Those who killed Muslim ibn Awsajah were Muslim ibn Abdullah, Abd al-Rahman ibn Abi Khushkarah.

Page 139:
Imam Hussains army although small in number, put the opponents to flight. Umar ibn Sad increased his attack with foot soliders and archers. Umar ibn Sad approached Shabath ibn Rib’i, “will you not fight against Imam Hussain.” Shabath ibn Rab’i was reluncted of fighting against Imam Hussain.
Narrated by Abu Zuhayr al-Absi: I heard Shabath ibn Rab’i saying, “God will neither give people of this town (Kufa) any good, neither will he guide them to true guidance. Are you not amazed that we should fight with Imam Ali agains the clans of Abu Sufyan (Bani Ummayah) for 5 years, now we are fighting against Imam ali’s son Imam Hussain for the clans of Muawiya ibn Abu Sufyan and son of Summayah (Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad). Error! What an error.”

Page 141 - 142:
Zuhayr ibn Qayn fought Umar ibn Sad’s army and Shimar ibn Jawshan army so fierce that Shimar ibn Jawshan’s men pulled back from Zuhayr ibn Qayn. Then the opponents clustered around Zuhayr ibn Qayn and his comrades, who outnumbered Zuhayr ibn Qayn’s and his comrades men in great number. Each man of the followers of Imam Hussain continue to fight until he was killed. Imam Hussain requested his opponents to stop the fight to pray (Thohr Prayer) , one of the opponents, Hussain ibn Tamim said we will not let Imam Hussain pray. Habib ibn Muzahir said to Hussain ibn Tamim, “you want to stop Imam hussain from praying. Is the prayer of the family of the Prophet (SAAW) (Ahlul Bayt) not acceptable, and your prayer is acceptable, you donkey.” Habib ibn Muzahir attacked Hussain ibn Tamim and injured him. Habib ibn Muzahir said:
“I swear if we (Imam Hussains army) have the numbers you have in Umar ibn Sad’s army, or even half it’s numbers, you would turn your backs. You are the worst people. I am Habib, my father is Muzahir, you opponents are more in number then us, but we are more steadfast and loyal then you.”
Habib fought fiercely until a man from the Banu Tamim (tribe of Tamim) attacked Habib and stabbed him, and Habib fell. Habib started to rise his head (and get up again) until Hussain ibn Tamim struck Habib with his sword, and the Banu Tamim cut off Habib’s head. When the people returned to Kufa (after the battle of Karbala), they took Habib’s head and hung it. Habib’s son, Qasim ibn Habib saw the head. At that time he was young and could not do anything. But when he became an adult, he searched for those people who killed his father and he killed them.
Narrated by Abu Mikhnaf:
Nafi ibn Hilal killed 12 of the army of Umar ibn Sad. Shimar ibn Jawshan ended up killing Nafi.

Page 146:
When the followers of Imam Hussain realized they were becoming less in numbers, and they opponents were numerous in numbers of men, they vied each other to be killed in front of Imam Hussain, and they said to Imam Hussain, “the enemy has driven us back to you, we want to be killed in front of you while we defend and protect you.”
Hanzala ibn Asad (who looks like he was part of Imam Hussain’s army) said to the opponents, “O my people, i fear for you in the day of judgement. You are becoming like the opponents of Prophet Noah (AS), Ad and Thamud. Do not kill Imam Hussain.” Then Hanzala advanced to the opponents until he was killed.
The 2 sons of Jabir fought with Imam Hussain until they were killed.

Page 148:
Eye witness Via Abu Mikhnaf:
I saw Abis (who was part of Imam Hussain's army) advancing
to Umar ibn Sad's army saying, "would anyone challenge me one
on one?" Umar ibn Sad ordered stones to be thrown at Abis from
all directions. Abis charged at Umar ibn Sad's men, and by God,
he drove 200 men back. Eventually, Abis was surrounded and killed.

Narrated by Abu Mikhnaf:
I saw the followers of Imam Hussain had been struck down (and killed),
and only the men of the Ahlul Bayt (Prophet's (SAAW) family) reimained.

Page 150:
The first man to be killed from the Ahlul Bayt (Bani Abi Talib) was
Ali Akbar ibn Hussain ibn Abi Talib.
Ali Akbar said:

"I am Ali ibn Hussain ibn Abi Talib, and we (Ahlul Bayt) have better
claim to the Prophet (SAAW)".

The Kufan's were afraid to attack Ali Akbar. Murrah ibn Mundigh stabbed
Ali Akbar, and people fell on Ali Akbar, cutting him with their swords.

Page 151:
Imam Hussain said to his son (Ali Akbar), "may God kill the people who
killed you, how dareful are they to God, killing the family members of
the Prophet (SAAW). After your death my son, the world means nothing to me."
Then Zaynab came running out crying, "my brother, my nephew."

Amr ibn Subayh (part of Umar ibn Sad's army) shot an arrow at
Abdullah ibn Muslim ibn Aqil (son of Muslim ibn Aqil) and the arrow
hit his hand. Then he shot another arrow splitting the heart of
Abdullah ibn Muslim ibn Aqil into 2 peices.

Note: a few years after the battle of Karbala, Mukhtar (also a shia of Kufa),
took revenge of those who killed Imam Hussain. Mukhtar ended up killing Amr ibn Subayh.

Page 152:
Umar ibn Sad started attacking the Prophet's (SAAW) family from all sides,
Abdullah ibn Qutbah attacked Awn ibn Abdullah ibn Jafar ibn Abli Talib (son's of Zaynab).
Amir ibn Nashal attacked Muhammad ibn Abdullah ibn Jafar ibn Abi Talib.

Uthman ibn Khalid and Bashir ibn Sawt attacked Abd Rahman ibn Aqil ibn Abi Talib,
and killed him.

Pge 152:
Narrated by Abu Mikhnaf:
A young boy from the army of Imam Hussain and was killed. his name
was Qasim ibn Hassan ibn Abi Talib (son of Imam Hassan, the brother
of Imam Hussain). And Imam Hussain placed Qasim's dead body along
with the other members of his family.

Page 154:
Narrated Abu Jafar Mohammad ibn Ali ibn Hussain (Imam Mohammad Baqir) via by Abu Mikhnaf:
Imam Hussain had his baby son on his knee, and a man from Bani Asad shot an
arrow killing Imam Hussain's baby son.

Abdullah ibn Uqbah shot an arrow at Abu Bakr ibn Hassan ibn Abi Talib
(son of Imam Hassan), and killed him.

Khawali ibn Yazid shot an arrow at Uthman ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib (son of Imam Ali).

Page 156:
Narrated by Hisham ibn Kalbi:
Imam Hussain's thirst became extremely severe. Hussain Tamim
shot an arrow at Imam Hussain's mouth, and the blood spured
from Imam Hussain's mouth and Imam Hussain said, "O God, count
their numbers and destroy their power. Don't let any of them remain
on earth."

Page 160:
Narrated by Abu Mikhnaf:
When the opponents came to attack Imam Hussain, the opponents took
their time as none of the opponents wanted to kill Imam Hussain. Each
opponent saying to another, you take the responsibility of killing Imam
Hussain. Shimr ibn Jawshan however said to his army, attack Imam Hussain,
and the opponents started attacking Imam Hussain.
Zurah ibn Sharik, Sinan ibn Anas, Khawali ibn Yazid were some of the members
who attacked Imam Hussain.

Page 161:
Narrated by Abu Mikhnaf:
Imam Hussain was killed with 33 stabs wounds and 34 blows.

Page 162:
Sinan ibn Anas can to Umar ibn Sad saying:

"fill my saddlebags with Silver and Gold for I have
killed the well guarded King (referring to Imam Hussain)"

Page 163:
Heads of Imam Hussain and army were dispatched with Khawali ibn Yazid
and Humayd ibn Muslim to Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad.

Page 164:
After Imam Hussain was killed, Zaynab (Imam Hussain's sister) passed
by the body of Imam Hussain and said,
"O Muhammad (SAAW), O Muhammad (SAAW), may God send blessings on you.
Here is your son Imam Hussain stained with blood. Your daughters have
been taken prisioners and your progeny (Prophet (SAAW) family) have been
killed." All of the friends and emenies that heard this cried.

Page 165:
Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad started poking Imam Hussain mouth with a cane,
and Zaid ibn Arqam (Sahaba of the Prophet (SAAW)) said to Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad:
"take your cane away from Imam Hussain for how much times have i seen
the Prophet (SAAW) kiss Imam Hussain's mouth."

Page 166:
Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad said to Zaynab, "we have killed your family, they
were tyrant, and disobedient rebels."

Page 167:
Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad addressed the crowd at his palace (in Kufa),
"God has made Yazid ibn Muawiya and his party victorious today,
and we have killed the liar and the son of the liar, Imam Hussain
and his Shia."
Abdullah ibn Afif al-Azdi who was one of the Shia of Imam Ali and
he had fought with Imam Ali in the battle of Jamal and Siffeen interrupted
Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad speech and said,
"Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad, you are the liar and the son of the liar. You
have killed the family of the Prophet (SAAW), and you talk like a gentleman."
Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad then killed Abdullah ibn Afif al-Azdi.

Page 168:
Narrated by Hisham ibn Kalbi:
Yazid ibn Muawiya cried and said, “I would have been satisfied your obedience without killing of Imam Hussain. May God curse Ibn Summayah (Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad). By God, if i would have accompanied Imam Hussain, i would of let him off, may God have mercy on Imam Hussain.”
Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad ordered the women and children of Imam Hussain’s family (Ahlul Bayt) to be ready for travelling (to Syria from Iraq). He ordered chains to put around the neck of Ali ibn Hussain (Imam Zain ul Abideen), and then he dispatched the heads (of those who were killed in Imam Hussain’s army) with Muhafiz ibn Thalabah and Shimar ibn Jawshan. They set out with them and came to Yazid ibn Muawiya.

Narrated by Abu Mikhnaf:
One of the Syrians wanted to buy a young female member of the Ahlul Bayt. Zaynab said to him, “By God you are a liar.” Yazid said to Zaynab saying, “Your father (Imam Ali) and your brother (Imam Hassan and Hussain) have deviated and left the religion (of Islam).”
Page 175:
Narrated by Hisham ibn Kalbi:
Sukayna use to say, “I never saw a man who did not believe in a God (atheist) who was better than Yazid ibn Muawiya.”

Narrated by Hisham ibn Kalbi:
Hind ibn Abdullah ibn Amir was the wife of Yazid ibn Muawiya, and when she saw the heads of Imam Hussain and his followers arrive in Syria, she went outside and said to Yazid, “Is this the head of Imam Hussain, son of Fatima Zehra.” Yazid said, “yes.”

Narrated Abd Malik via by Hisham ibn Kalbi:
I went towards Medina and announced that Imam Hussain had been killed. By God! I have never heard such wailing (crying and mourning) as the wailing of Imam Hussain by the Bani Hashim (the Prophet’s (SAAW) tribe). Amr ibn Sa’id said, “This lamentation (mourning of the Death of Imam Hussain) is a return or revenge to the lamentation of Uthman ibn Affan.”

Page 179:
The Names of the Banu Hashim Killed with al-Husayn and the Number of Those Killed from Every Tribe Which Fought against Him

Narrated by Hisham ibn Kalbi:
When Imam Hussain was killed, the heads of the Members of House or Family, and his Shia’s and Supporters who with Imam Hussain were taken to Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad. Kindah tribe brought 13 heads. Hawazin tribe brought 20 heads. Tamim tribe brought 17 heads. Banu Asad tribe brought 6 heads. The rest of the army brought 7 heads, totally to 70 heads. The name of those who were killed with Imam Hussain were:
Imam Hussain
Abbas ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib (step brother of Imam Hussain)
Jafar ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib
Abdullah ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib
Uthman ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib
Muhammad ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib
Abu Bakr ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib
Ali (Akbar) ibn Hussain ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib
Abdullah ibn Hussain ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib
Ali (asghar) ibn Hussain ibn Ali ibn Abl Talib
Abu Bakr ibn Hassan ibn Ali Abi Talib
Abdullah ibn Hassan ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib
Qasim ibn Hassan ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib
Awn ibn Abdullah (husband of Zaynab) ibn Jafar ibn Abi Talib
Muhammad ibn Abdullah ibn Jafar ibn Abi Talib
Jafar ibn Aqil ibn Abi Talib
Abd Rahman ibn Aqil ibn Abi Talib
Abdullah ibn Aqil ibn Abi Talib
Muslim ibn Aqil ibn Abi Talib
Abdullah ibn Muslim ibn Aqil ibn Abi Talib
Muhammad ibn Abi Sa’id ibn Aqil ibn Abi Talib
Hassan ibn Hassan ibn Abi Talib

Narrated by Abu Mikhnaf:
Some of the nobles of Kufa did not come to join Umar ibn Sad in the battle of Karbala, as Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad searched for those who were missing from his army.
One of these men was Ubaidullah ibn Hurr. Ubaidullah ibn Hurr went to Karbala after the killing of Imam Hussain and said, “how much regret that I did not help Imam Hussain,
And Ubaidullah ibn Hurr started crying.”

Note: Another revolt was done against Yazid ibn Muawiya this time by Abdullah ibn Zubayr, which led to some of Yazid ibn Muawiya’s men to burn part of the Kaaba (House of God), but that’s another story.

After the battle of Karbala, the kufa people felt regret of not supporting Imam Hussain, and they swore to fight the Syrians (Yazid ibn Muawiya’s army) in revenge of the killing of Imam Hussain.

These Kufa people were known as Penitents (Tawwabun), and they were led by Sulayman ibn Surad, who was a Shia of Kufa and also a Companion of the Prophet (SAAW). Sulayman ibn Surad has mentioned some narrations in Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim.

Also, Mukhtar, another Shia of Kufa led revenge as well against those who killed Imam Hussain. During the Battle of Karbala, Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad had threw Mukhtar in jail.
After the death of Yazid ibn Muawiya, Mukhtar army ended up killing Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad with the help of Ibrahim ashtar (son of Malik Ashtar), and Umar ibn Sad.

The Arrival of al-Mukhtar in al-Kufah

Al-Mukhtar Acts against the Murderers of al-Hysayn

Ibrahim b. al-Ashtar Goes to Fight 'Ubaydallah b. Ziyad'Ubaydallah+b.+Ziyad%5D&hl=en&ei=PlETTczuIoyfcdbmxLEK&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0CCkQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=%5BIbrahim%20b.%20al-Ashtar%20Goes%20to%20Fight%20'Ubaydallah%20b.%20Ziyad%5D&f=false
The graves of these people are available today:
Hani ibn Urwa and Muslim ibn Aqil's grave is in Kufa

Zaynabs and Rukayah grave is currently in Syria.

The female members that were taken after the Event
of Karbala, was in Umayah mosque in Syria:

Some of the heads were buried in Syria, at the graveyard
called Bab Saghir. Bilal Habashi is also buried here.

Tomb of Umm Kulthoom buried in Syria:

And other tombs can be visited here:


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