History of the Khilafah by Jalaluddin Suyuti - Virtues of Imam Ali

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Tarikh Khulafah

Page 184:

Hadith 1: Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal and Al-Hakim : Those merits which have been related about Imam Ali have not been narrated about any other companion

Hadith 2: Tabarani and Abu Sa'id Khudri : Prophet(SAAW) said to Imam Ali, "are you not pleased to be in the same relation to me, as Harun (AS) was to Musa (AS), except that there is no Prophet after me"

Hadith 3: Prophet (SAAW) said on the day of Khaybar, "I will give the standard tomorrow to a man at whose hands God will give victory, who loves God and his Messenger (SAAW), and whom God and his Messenger (SAAW) love". The people (sahaba's) spent the whole night wondering who it was. The next morning, the Messenger of God (SAAW) said, "where is Ali ibn Abi Talib ?" they (sahaba's) said, "he is complaining of an ailment in his eyes." He (SAAW) said, "send for him." Messenger of God spat in Imam Ali's eye, and supplicated for him, and he was healed to such extent as if he had no pain. Then he (SAAW) gave him the standard

Page 185:

Haidth 4: (Sahih) Muslim narrated by sa'd ibn Abi Waqqas : When this ayah was releaved, "Let us call our sons and your sons..." (Quran 3:61), Messenger of God (SAAW) called for Imam Ali, Fatima, Imam Hassan and Imam Hussain, and said, "O God, these are my family". (Sahih)

Hadith 5: Thirmidhi narrated that the Prophet (SAAW) said, "for whomever I am his Mawla (Master), Ali is his Mawla (Master). O God, befriend whoever befriends him, and be an enemy to whomever is his enemy" (Sahih)

Hadith 6: Ali gathered some people together in the year 35AH in the court of the Mosque, and said : 'I adjure by God, every Muslim man who heard to Messenger of God (SAAW), saying on Ghadir Khumm what he said when he arose. Thirty men stood up and bore witness that the Messenger of God (SAAW) said, "for whomever I am his Master, Ali is his Master. O God, befriend whoever befriends him, and be an enemy to whomever is his enemy"

Hadith 7: The Messenger of God (SAAW) said, "Indeed, God has ordered me to love four, and he informed me that he loved him." It was said, "O Messenger of God (SAAW), name them for us". The Messenger of God (SAAW) said, "Ali three times, then Abu Dhaar, Miqdad and Salman" (Sahih)

Page 186:

Haidth 8: The Messenger of God (SAAW) said, "Ali is from me, and I am from him"

Hadith 9: ...The Messenger of God said to Imam Ali, "you are my brother in this world, and the next"

Hadith 10: Ali said, "By the one who split the grain and created the soul, the Unlettered Prophet promised me that no one would love me except a believer, and that no one would hate me except a hypocrite"

Haidth 11: Abu sa'id al-Kudri said, "We use to recognise the hypocrities by their hatred of Ali"

Hadith 12: The Messenger of God (SAAW) said, "I am the city of knowledge, and Ali is the gate to the city" (Hasan)

Hadith 13: Ali said, "The Messenger of God (SAAW) sent me to Yemen, and i said, 'Messenger of God (SAAW), have you sent me as a youth to judge betweem them, and i don't know what the nature of Judgement is.' He (SAAW) struck my chest with his hand, and said, 'O God, guide his heart and make firm his tongue'." Ali said, "by the one who split the grain, i have never had any doubt about passing judgement between two people" (Sahih)

Page 187:

Hadith 14: Some said to Imam Ali, "why is it that you have the most hadith of the companions of the Messenger of God (SAAW)". He said, "I was such that when i would ask him (SAAW), he would inform me, and when i was silent, he began to teach me"

Hadith 15: Ibn Sad narrated from Ali that someone said to him, "Why is it that you have the most hadiths of the Companions of the Messenger of God (SAAW)." Ali said, "It was such that when I asked him (SAAW), he informed me, and when I was silent, he began to teach me"

Hadith 16: Abu Huraira said, "Umar ibn Khattab said, 'Ali is the best of us in judicial decision'"

Hadith 17: Ibn Masud use to said, "we used to say among ourselve that the best of the people of Medina in judicial decision was Ali"

Hadith 18: Ibn Sad narrated that Ibn Abbas said, "When a trustworthy person relates to us a fatwa from Ali, we do not go beyond it"

Hadith 19: Said ibn al-Musayyab said, "Umar ibn Khattab used to seek refuge with God from every difficult question or case for which there is no (presence of) Abu Hassan (Ali)"

Hadith 20: None of the Companions use to say, "Ask me (any question for I have an answer to it), except for Ali"

Hadith 21: Ibn Asakir narrated that Ibn Masud said, "The most knowledgable of the people of Medina in the laws of inheritence and in judicial decision is Ali ibn Abi Talib"

Hadith 22: Aishia said, "Ali is the most knowledgeable, of those who remain in the sunnah"

Hadith 23: Ayyash ibn Abi Rabiah said, "Ali had whatever you will of cutting tooth in knowledge, he had excellence by reason of his family relations, priority in Islam, his acquaintanceship with the Messenger of God (SAAW), descernment (fiqh) in the sunnah, courage in war, and liberality with property"

Page 188:

Hadith 24: Jabir ibn Abdullah said, "The Prophet (SAAW) said, 'people are from all sorts of stocks, and I and Ali are from one stock'" (Daif)

Hadith 25: Tabarani and Ibn Abi Hatim narrated that Ibn Abbas said, "God did not reveal an ayah (verse of the Quran) beginning (with), ''O you who believe...', but that Ali is its amir (commander) and its eminence. God reproached the Companions of Muhammad (SAAW) in more then one place, but he never mentioned Ali, but with approval"

Haidth 26: Ibn Asakir narrated that Ibn Abbas said, "There has not been revealed about anyone in the Book of God (Quran) what has been revealed about Ali"

Hadith 27: Ibn Asakir narrated that Ibn Abbas said, "Three hundred ayat (verses in the Quran) were revealed about Ali"

Hadith 28: Prophet (SAAW) said to Ali, it is not permitted for anyone to be in a state of Junab (washing the dead body Ghusl) in the Mosque apart from me and Ali

Hadith 29: Tabarani and al-Hakim narrated the Umm Salamah said, "When the Messenger of God (SAAW) became angry, no one dared to speak with him except for Ali" (Sahih)

Hadith 30: Tabarani and al-Hakim narrated from Ibn Masud, that the Prophet (SAAW) said, "looking at Ali is an act of worship" (Hasan)

Page 189:

Hadith 31: Tabarani narrated that Ibn Abbas said, "Ali had Eighteen Excellences which no-one else of this ummah had"

Hadith 32: Umar ibn Khattab said, "Ali had Three Qualities the gift of any one of which I should prefer over high-bread camels". He was asked, "what are they?" He said, (1) He married his daughter Fatima, (2) his dwelling at the mosque, wherein what is not permitted to me in it is permitted to him, and the standard on the day of Khaybar (Sahih)

Hadith 33: Ali said, "I have not been affllicted of any swelling or headache since the Messenger of God (SAAW)", since he drew his hand over my face and sllightly spat in my eye on the day of Khaybar (Sahih)

Hadith 34: The Messenger of God (SAAW) said, "Whoever harms Ali, harms me"

Hadith 35: Tabarani narrates from Umm Salamah that the Messenger of God (SAAW) said, "Whoever loves Ali, loves me, and whoever loves me, loves God. And Whoever hates Ali, hates me, and whoever hates me, hates God" (Sahih)

Hadith 36: Prophet (SAAW) said, "Whoever reviles Ali, reviles me" (Sahih)

Hadith 37: Ahmad (Ibn Hanbal) and al-Hakim narrated from Ibn Abi Said al-Khudri that the Prophet (SAAW) said to Ali, "You will fight for the sake of Quran, as i have fought for it's revelation" (Sahih)

Hadith 38: al-Hakim narrated that Ali said, "The Messenger of God (SAAW) called me and said, 'There is in you a resemblance to Isa; the Jews hated him so much that they slandered his mother, and the Christians loved him so much that they gave him a degree that wasn't his. Now surely two (sorts) will be destroyed: (1)The one who praises Ali to a position for which I am not, and (2) the one who hates Ali, whose hatred brings him to slander Ali'"

Hadith 29: Tabarani narrated from Umm Salamah who said, "Ali is with the Quran, and the Quran is with Ali, and they will not seperate until they come and drink from me from the pool (hawd in the next life)"

Hadith 30: Some people complained about Ali, so the Messenger of God (SAAW) rose and said, "Do not complain about Ali, for by God, he is rough for the sake of God, or in the way of God"

Page 205:

Hadith 31: Ibn Sad narrated that Ali said, "By God, an Ayah (Verse in the Quran), has not been revealed without me knowing about what it was revealed, where it was revealed, and about whom it was revealed. My Lord has given me a very intelligent heart and a true articulate tongue"

Hadith 32: Ibn Sad and others narrated that Abut Tufayl said, "Ali said, 'Ask me about the Book of God (Quran), because there is no ayah but that I know whether it was revealed at night or in daytime, on the plain or in the mountain'"

Hadith 33: Ibn Abi Dawood narrated from Muhammad ibn Sirin, When the Prophet (SAAW) died, Ali was slow to pledge allegiance to Abu Bakr. Abu Bakr met him and said, "Do you dislike my authority?" He said, "No, but I have sworn not to don my mantle, except for the Prayer, until i have collected together the Quran". They (the people) claimed that he wrote it in the order of its revlation. Muhammad ibn Sirin said, "If that book were to come across us, there would be knowledge in it"

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