Tahreef (Tampering) of Verse 33:33 Answers

We have noticed that our Brother has posted this article in relation to Tahreef (Tampaering) of the Quran:

The Wahabi's are in the belief that the Shia School of Thought believe in the Tampering of the Quran (meaning modifying the Quran).

When the Wahabi's refer about this Tampering of the Quran belief for the Shia's of today, it is referring to Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib's version of the Quran, which was a different Chronological order of the Quran. So when we mean by Chronological Order, it DOESN'T MEAN ANY WORD of the Quran is changed, it just means, the Quranic Verses are in Different Order. However, if the Wahabi's believe that the Shia believe in this concept, then the readers of the article should know, that Sunni Hadith Collectors have also mentioned about this issue.

A Sunni Hadith Collector, Jalal ad-Din as-Suyuti has collected a Hadith in his book, Tarikh Khulafah (History of the Khalifs).

Hadith 33: Ibn Abi Dawood narrated from Muhammad ibn Sirin, When the Prophet (SAAW) died, Ali was slow to pledge allegiance to Abu Bakr. Abu Bakr met him and said, "Do you dislike my authority?" He said, "No, but I have sworn not to don my mantle, except for the Prayer, until i have collected together the Quran". They (the people) claimed that he (Imam Ali) wrote it in the order of its revlation. Muhammad ibn Sirin said, "If that book were to come across us, there would be knowledge in it"

So Wahabbi's can determine that Imam Ali's version of the Quran has been narrated by Sunni Hadith Collectors as well, but however in saying this, many people who practise the Shia Faith (which is similar to Sunni Faith, except Shia believe that only the Family of the Prophet (SAAW) only has the rights to be the Successors after the Prophet (SAAW)), believe that the Quran has not been altered in anyway, and you will find this in Shia Tafseer Quran book as well, such Tafseer Quran written by "aqa mahdi puya". On the front page of the English Version of this Book, it is clearly stated that the Quran is in it's original form and has not been changed. On top of that, the way Shia School of Thought belief is that you have to put a Hadith against the Quran, and if that Hadith does not contradict the Quran, and it is considered a reliable Hadith, that is only when we can claim that this Hadith is a valid Hadith. So for example, Hadith 33 of Jalal ad-Din as-Suyuti (mentioned above) must be put agains the Quran first, then it is also good to compare the Hadith with the History Books (such as History of Tabari, Masudi, Yaqoubi, etc.) to see if this Hadith is inline with the Quran and the Historians, and then, and only then, we can truely claim that this Hadith can be a Valid Hadith, or a InValid Hadith.

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