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Salaam to All, whether you are a sunni, shia, wahabbi, mutazil, etc.
Please do not get your mind too much involve regarding the sunni / shia differences. Please focus your life more on the remembrance of Allah, as we will all be questioned about our good and bad deeds on the day of judgement. We are all brothers in faith, and we should help each other, love each other, and treat each other good as brothers for the sake of Allah. Always put the remembrance of Allah as your top priority in life, even at school, university or in the workplace, as the Quran states:

Greatness of God

Gretness of Allah (God). MUST WATCH


Last Years of the Prophet

Uthman ibn Affan's Khilafah

The First Cival War - Battle of Sifeen

Caliphate of Muawiya ibn Abu Sufyan

Caliphate of Yazid ibn Muawiya - History of Karbala

Caliphate of Yazid ibn Muawiya - History of Karbala - Full Version

Victory of the Marwanids

Killing of Malik Ashtar

Wahabi’s lying about Islamic history and re-writing their own History


Sunan Thirmidhi

Sunan ibn Majah

Sahih Muslim

Sahih Bukhari

Tarikh Khulafah by Jalal ad-Din as-Suyuti

Hadiths of Imam Ali's Khilafah

Answers to other Articles

Tarikh (History of) Tabari

Word Games With Verse 33:33 Answers

Hadith al-Thaqalayn: The Two Weighty Things Answers

Tahreef (Tampering) of Verse 33:33 Answers


Anonymous said...

You seem to be a follower of Abdullah ibn Saba' also known today as the Shia. Let me guess Abdullah Ibn Saba' doesn't exist...that's why he's in the Jewish Encyclopedia written by Professor Hartwig Hirschfeld of Jews College, London

Abdulla said...

Dear Anonymous,
it means you follow jews to verify whether Shias are followers of Abdullah ibn Sabah!!!!
Is it not funny, why dont u refer islamic history and ask the same question to some islamic scholar.
Shias are those who believe in the leadership of Ali after the last Prophet Mohammad(s.a.w).
Shias believe in the Khilafat of Ali and his pure sons.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting,

SK FIROZ said...

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Gulshan Sehnaz said...

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junaid said...

Nice blog! I like your text focusing that we all are Muslims. Well, it's great to find such online portals to gather knowledge about Islam and Muslim Ummah. Thank you for sharing such informative posts here.

Mohsin Saqib said...

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